Havnbjerg Mill on the island Als in the Sønderborg-area - In Love & War

Facts, figures and the landscape of island Als

Photo: VisitSønderborg

The mild climate around island Als is reflected in the fertile fields, surrounded by hedgerows and grand beech woods.

With an area of 321 km2 island Als is the largest island in Southern Jutland and the 7th largest island in Denmark

Island Als is a part of the municipality Sønderborg Kommune and has a population of approx. 50,000 people of which nearly 28,000 lives in the metropolis Sønderborg city. The island Als is amongst the most populated islands in the Danish Kingdom.

The waters surrounding the island is of many parts and names; the bay Sønderborg Bugt border on to the sounds Als Sund and Als Fjord separating the island from Jutland. Between island Als and the neighbour island Funen lies the small belt Lillebælt and from Kruså to Kegnæs Lighthouse, where it meets the Baltic Sea, we have the border water inlet Flensborg Fjord – the border line to our neighbour country, Germany.

The landscape and terrain is almost strophes from the Danish national song; Der er et yndigt land! In that song we sing of a beautiful country with wide beech trees stretching their crowns over the salty eastern beach, though the water is not that salty – the beech trees of forest Nørreskoven stretches their crowns towards the belt Lillebælt. We also sing of a landscape winding in hills and valleys like the northern part of the island Als, here you have clear traces of glaciers from the Ice Age shaping the land into valleys and pushing the earth and creating rises.

Terrain model of holiday island Als in the Sønderborg-area


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