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Daffodils blooming at Gråsten Castle

Easter holiday in Sønderborg

Photo: Kim Toft Jørgensen

Spring is upon us and Sønderborg offers spring flowers and beautiful natural areas. The birds welcome the sun, it crawles with life in the forest floor and with a little luck you can enjoy the sight of e´ dippedaje!

Easter 2022 is near - what can you experience?

The Easter exhibition Als is back and the programme filled with open galleries and art exhibitions - unfortunately no catalog will be printed in 2022.

Go on a treasure hunt with Geocaching or have a family contest in outdoor activities such as mini golf and football golf.

Visit our exciting museums and go chicken hunting at Cathrinesminde. Experience winds of hurricane strength in the new activity "Beat the Storm" in Universe Science Park.

Enjoy a walk in the forest, where the birds warm up to the loud song in the summertime, see where spring shoots everywhere and listen for the rustle in the forest floor - is it a mouse or has the grass snake woken up from its hibernation?

If the temperatures stay stabile in March, you may be able to enjoy the sight of e´ dippedaje (newly sprouted beech branches) and the first anemones.

Mojn - see you in Sønderborg!

Livredder er beredt i Humlehøjhallen Sønderborg
Sønderborg Kommune

Go swimming


Visit the swimming pools at Humlehøj Hallens Svømmehal in Sønderborg or Nordborg Svømmehal at Nordals Idrætscenter.

Wellness og hygge hos Marina Fiskenæs i Gråsten
Enjoy Resort Marina Fiskenæs

Time for wellness and each other

Enjoy Brunch and Wellness at Enjoy Resort Marina Fiskenæs in Gråsten

Biograflink til Kultunaut
Tomislav Jakupec - Pixabay

A trip to the cinema

There are good films on the poster in Kinorama in Borgen Shopping Sønderborg and Nordborg Bio, which is managed by volunteers.

The view from Point of View in Sønderborg on the island of Als
Kim Toft Jørgensen

Enjoy the view from the 16th floor

From Point of View at Hotel Alsik, you can enjoy the view of Sønderborg city - book your free ticket at

Enjoy nature during the Easter holidays

Naturvejlederne Sønderborg - logo
Sønderborg Kommune

Our nature right now


What happens in nature? Follow the nature guides "Naturvejlederne Sønderborg" on facebook.

Path Augustenborgstien at Augustenborg Castle on island Als
Kim Toft Jørgensen

Nature on foot

Remember the good footwear during the holidays and enjoy a walk along our scenic paths. Whether it is one of the shorter routes or a piece of the legendary Gendarme path, all our route suggestions offer the opportunity to get really close to nature!

Time stands still in forest Nørreskoven on the island Als in the Sønderborg-area
Søren Lauridsen Moos

Deep forests and birdsong

Experience the forest in its young spring costume, where the trees stand with buds and the birds warm up the voices for the summer hymn. Is it rustling in the forest floor - is it a mouse or has the grass snake woken up from its slumber?

Great crested grebe on the island Als in the Sønderborg-area
Mabel Amber - Pixabay

Remember binoculars and bird book

If you have binoculars, pack it in your holiday bag together with the bird book and go looking for birds, for example by the lakes in the new Naturpark Nordals.

Family on a bike trip at Dybbøl Banke in the Sønderborg-area
Destination Sønderjylland

Bring your bike

Take the bike on holiday in the Sønderborg area and enjoy a ride along the water and through the forests.

Find the nearest fishing shop on island Als in the Sønderborg-area
Kris - TheDigitalWay

Go fishing

Find the fishing tackle for Easter holidays and enjoy the many fishing spots - there is always one on the lee side ...

Easter lunch and pickled eggs Southern Jutland style

Påskebord på øen Als i Sønderborgområdet med farvede solæg
Conni Ernst

Pickled eggs - Solæg

Your guests will gasp if you serve colourful bites (pickled eggs) at the Easter lunch.

If you need a smart and elegant way to serve the eggs, then a pickled egg board is the answer!

Remember to buy eggs well in advance - because fresh eggs are not to be peeled ...

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