Christmas lighting Jul i Sønderborg - light sign

Christmas in the Sønderborg-area

Photo: Kim Toft Jørgensen

Christmas time in the region of Sønderborg is getting closer and you can look forward to cosy Christmas shopping and beautiful Christmas lighting in the cities. Christmas spirit might be a bit different this year - but Christmas is coming!

Christmas in the region of Sønderborg will be a different experience this year. Many of the well-known Christmas markets are cancelled this year, so before you pack the kids in the car to go visit a Christmas market and Father Christmas please check our oversight of Christmas events.

There will be Christmas lights and illuminated Christmas trees in the cities, and planning is ongoing for a safe way to hold the first illumination.

Christmas events in the Sønderborg-area

Cosy Christmas markets, workshops and other events.

Wonderful tunes of Christmas in the Sønderborg-area

Christmas time in Sønderborg is the season of beautiful Christmas concerts and family theatre.

Christmas tree lighting in the Sønderborg-area

The first lighting of the large Christmas tree on the city square is a very cosy experience.

Ice-skating rink

Sunday 6 December 2020 at noon, the ice-skating rink is opening with visit by Father Christmas.

Photo: Kim Toft Jørgensen

Restaurants and cafés
Here you can find an oversight of restaurants and cafés in the Sønderborgarea, who are open for guests during Christmas and New Year.

Photo: Kim Toft Jørgensen

Take the day off!
Are you a bit too tired to celebrate after a long day in the kitchen - take away...
Ore would you like to dine out with family and friends - see the events at Christmas Eve and New Year´s Eve!

Photo: Conni Ernst

A good nights sleep
Find hotels and Danhostels, which are open during Christmas and/or New Year´s.