Autumn-morning sun and mist haze over Dybbøl Banke and island Als

Autumn holiday in Sønderborg

Photo: Kim Toft Jørgensen

The autumn holiday in calendar week 42 offers many activities in the Sønderborg-area, and nature shows it self from one of its most beautiful sides in a spectrum of warm colours.

Autumn offers many activities in Sønderborg and the nature is showing from its very best.

The autumn holiday is a perfect time for getting away from the daily stress and embrace the family, sweetheart or friends with some extra cosiness.

Visit Sønderborg and experience the war of 1864 in extraordinary authentic ways, experience the smell of gunpowder, go outdoors on a hike along the beautiful Gendarme Path or join one of the many activities.

Mojn – see you in Sønderborg!

Southern Jutland and The Great War
Photo: Skyttegrav ved Lombardzyte i Flandern i 1916.

Southern Jutland and The Great War

Meet the people of Southern Jutland and experience the First World War through their stories and objects, when you visit the special exhibition at Sønderborg Castle. 

The photo exhibition “9. April" in Sønderborg
Photo: Deutsches Archiv Nordschleswig

The photo exhibition “9. April" in Sønderborg

April 9, 1940 was in many ways a fateful day for Denmark and the danish people.


Indoor activities

Als Udlejning´s Legeland 2023
Photo: Als Udlejning

In-door fun from 1-3 pm.

14.10.: Hørup Hallen, Vestervej 42 B, 6470 Sydals.

15.10.: Gråsten Hallen, Ahlefeldvej 4, 6300 Gråsten.

19.10.: Guderup Hallen, Skolegade 21, 6430 Nordborg.

21.10.: Ulkebøl Hallen, Kaplenivej 5, 6400 Sønderborg.

22.10.: Sydals Hallen, Mommarkvej 352, 6470 Sydals.

Outdoor activities

News! Kayak trips alongside the Gendarme Path

FoX Hygge & Motion offers a total of four different kayak trips with a guide along the historic walking trail Gendarmstien.


Nature calls

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