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 Autumn-morning sun and mist haze over Dybbøl Banke and island Als

Autumn holiday in Sønderborg

Photo: Kim Toft Jørgensen

The autumn holiday in calendar week 42 offers many activities in the Sønderborg-area, and nature shows it self from one of its most beautiful sides in a spectrum of warm colours.

Autumn offers many activities in Sønderborg and the nature is showing from its very best.

The autumn holiday is a perfect time for getting away from the daily stress and embrace the family, sweetheart or friends with some extra cosiness.

Visit Sønderborg and experience the war of 1864 in extraordinary authentic ways, experience the smell of gunpowder, go outdoors on a hike along the beautiful Gendarme Path or join one of the many activities.

Mojn – see you in Sønderborg!

Indoor activities

 KREA-fair in Augustenborghallen

KREA-fair in Augustenborghallen

On Sunday 26 March, the doors open again for the cosy creative fair in Augustenborg.

Activity day at farm Bistoft
Photo: Bistoft i Holm

Activity day at farm Bistoft

Bistoft is an idyllic farm in Holm in beautiful Nordals. There is room for everyone on the farm, including the farm's horses, dogs, cats, rabbits and goats.

On Activity Days there is the opportunity...


Point of View - the view from the 16th floor

Have a look from on high! Enjoy the view over Sønderborg city from 46 metres height.

Point of View is situated on the 16th floor in Alsik Hotel and Spa. The large windows offers an fantastic view ove...


Outdoor activities

Horseback riding and cosiness with the animals at Bistoft

At the idyllic farm Bistoft in Holm in Nordals, you have ample opportunity to enjoy yourself in the company of lovely animals.


Nature calls

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