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Dannebrog vajer på Chr. X´s Bro i Sønderborg på øen Als

1-day trip from Holiday Island Als

Photo: Kim Toft Jørgensen

With connections by bridge, ferry, train or flight holiday island Als is the perfect base for a holiday rich on activities, experiences and explorations.

Accessing Holiday Island Als is easy and if you and your family or friends like to go on a 1-day trip during your holiday, island Als is the perfect base for the trip. A short tour by the ferries from Fynshav takes you to the neighbour islands Ærø and Funen. The mainland Jutland is easily reached by the bridges at Sønderborg city or by the car ferry Bitten sailing from Hardeshøj on North-Als. Daily departures from Sønderborg by train or flight also makes a trip to Denmark´s capital Copenhagen a possibility.

We will always have a close connection to Germany through history, not only because we share the border-water inlet Flensborg Fjord and were occupied by Germany from 1864 to the Reunification in 1920, but also the solidarity through the world of art. The artist Emil Nolde stayed a couple of summers at the forest Nørreskoven Als, were he painted at the coast and some of his works is exhibited at Museumsberg in Flensburg just south of the border – you can also go on a trip to the Nolde Museum in Seebüll, Germany, south of the border at Rudbøl. 

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