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Ulkebøl Lokalhistorisk Arkiv

The archive is temporarily closed due to relocation, but can be contacted by email.

The archive in Ulkebøl began its work in 1977 in the old municipal office. In 1986, the archive moved to Torvet 12, as the old municipal office was converted into youth housing.

In the spring of 2020, the archive moved out of Torvet 12, when the Ulkebøl Center was sold to be converted into housing. We were moved to Sønderborg Barracks, which Sønderborg Municipality is in the process of converting into a clubhouse. Archives and equipment are stored in the basement of Sønderborg Barracks, and we have a temporary room.

Come and visit us when we have arrived in place in the new premises at the barracks. As the plan looks now - March 2022 - we can move into May 2022.

In the archive, we are volunteers who can help you when you search for information about properties and / or people in Ulkebøl Parish.

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