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The Tour - seafood & fish buffet

In connection with the Tour coming to Sønderborg on 3 July, we are holding a unique event on our terrace, with a beautiful view of the Flensburg Fjord.

Join our event and have an unforgettable day, and experience the Tour up close.

The event is a closed arrangement, that starts at noon and ends at 6 pm. Our terrace will be covered, so if the weather is not with us, then dry weather is guaranteed.

There is wine ad libitum for the event, as well as the possibility of other drinks. In addition, there will be snacks that can be enjoyed while watching the live broadcast of the tour, which will be shown on the terrace.

During the event, a delicious seafood and fish buffet will be served, which can be enjoyed while listening to wonderful live music and enjoying the view over Flensburg Fjord. And then it's about keeping an eye out on the road when the seasoned cyclists whiz past the road.

An exciting gift bag will also be handed out to all participants.

We are looking forward to seeing you.