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Tour de France - Sundgade 27 Sønderborg

Temporary motorhome pitch for camping in connection with the Tour de France

On Sundgade in Dybbøl, only 350 meters from the Tour de France route, there are 2 temporary motorhome pitches. On Sundgade 24 and Sundgade 27. From the pitches you have a view of King Christian the X’s Bridge, which on the occasion of the race has been clad in yellow. On the opposite bank, you look over at Sønderborg Castle and the city's charming profile.

The motorhome pitches are temporary and together have room for a total of 40 motorhomes. It is not possible to book a place and pay in advance, so it will be first come, first served. If you want to secure a place, we will refer you to the area's permanent camping and motorhome pitches.

Price per night: 140 DKK / 20 euros
Payment is required and takes place at the place where you can pay with MobilePay, card and cash with DKK and EURO.

Camping is allowed on the pitches. There is access to electricity, water and waste bins. It is not possible to get rid of wastewater.

You can camp for a maximum of 2 nights between the 1st - 4th of July 2022.


The information is provided by Sønderborg Municipality.