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Tour de France - Kær Vestermark

Temporary motorhome pitch for camping in connection with the Tour de France

Settle down with your motorhome in this scenic area, with only 2 km to the Tour de France route and Sønderborg city. The motorhome site is surrounded by green fields and over 20 kilometres of hiking and biking trails. Not far from the site you will find Støvlen - a picnic house and lookout tower, which was built in connection with the international ‘Scout Camp’ in 2017. The boot is 12 meters high, 24 meters long and corresponds to a shoe size of 3600.

The motorhome pitch is temporary and can accommodate a total of 100 motorhomes. It is not possible to book a place and pay in advance, so it will be first come, first served. If you want to secure a place, we refer you to the area's permanent camping and motorhome pitches.

Price per night: 140 DKK / 20 euros
Payment is required and takes place on sight, where you can pay with MobilePay, card and cash in DKK or EURO.

You are welcome to camp on the site. There is access to electricity, water and waste bins. It is not possible to dispose of waste water.

You can camp on the site for a maximum of 2 nights between 1 - 4 July 2022.


The information is provided by Sønderborg Municipality.