Martin with the whistle

Photo: VisitSønderborg

Sankt Jørgens Gade

6400 Sønderborg


Bronze sculpture made by the local artist Vibeke Fonnesberg, revealed the 6. October 2011.

This is the first and pt. only sculpture of a former citizen in full body scale.

Martin with the whistle was born in Silkeborg, Midjutland and was actually named Martin Frederik Christian Jørgensen (1884-1976). The mother died early and the father left the children. Martin and his two siblings grew up in a workhouse. This wasn´t an easy start on life and rumours tell that Martin made an unlucky appearance and was in and out of jail several times.

Around 1930 he showed up in Sønderborg and this was a new start in life for Martin. He lived as a scavenger and walked round town, blowing a signal horn to let the people know that he was on his way with his cart to collect used things to sell. The citizens soon became tired of listening to the signal horn, so the police convinced Martin to use a train whistle instead…

Martin with the whistle was known in the streets by young and old. He died poor, but respected for his wisdom and kindness.


Sankt Jørgens Gade

6400 Sønderborg



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