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Karen-Marie Klip

New times and new ways with Karen-Marie Klip

The store is open again for physical customer visits every Monday from 10 -17.30. The rest of the week is referred to "Take Away" or to use the webshop. During the lockdown in 2021, there has been a lot of activity at Karen-Marie Klip & Papir A/S in Gråsten.

There has been a transformation from an experience store with winding "streets" to a cordial webshop. It has been arranged according to what is practical when picking goods for packages that are sent out into the world - most to Germany, but also to more exotic destinations such as Hawaii. Karen-Marie Klip has after a difficult start experienced a great increase in online sales during the Covid-19 crisis.

New thoughts
That is why new ideas have been conceived during the corona crisis at Karen-Marie Klip - from new shelving, specially designed storage boxes - to new production aisles and new webshop-friendly products. The product selection has been thoroughly cleaned up, as in future only products suitable for the webshop will be used.

It should still be a good and inspiring experience to visit the store, you can see many models on display and there are still some houses left preserving the original atmosphere.

For those customers who visit the store physically on Mondays, fantastic bargains can be made among the many items that have been "cleaned up".

NB. Closed on Danish holidays

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