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Iller Slot

Iller, Broager Land.

25 beds in 10 2-4 person-rooms and five bathrooms. Therefore, you risk having to share a bathroom with others. Large house in good atmosphere with plenty of space inside and outside, with  common rooms, TV lounge and free Wi-Fi. Large, lovely west facing terrace overlooking the Flensburg Fjord and sunset. 

Absolutely beautifully situated in a quiet setting near the beach and Gendarme Path.

Meals, towels and bed-linens can be purchased.

Prices 2021:
1 night (1-4 pers.): DKK 375-900,-
Bed linen and towel: DKK 70,-
Breakfast and lunch paket: DKK 145,-
Dinner incl. dessert: DKK 175,-

Payment: cash

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