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Photo: VisitSønderborg

Discover our history! Would you like a special event in connection to your visit with your family or your society trip? Book a guided tour at Sønderborg Tourist office. We offer tours in Sønderborg Municipality.  

Our skilled guides can lead you on a tour on foot or join you in your bus. We offer historic tours and lectures on historic themes.

Besides the tours described under the regular summer tours we also offer the possibility of individual programmes on themes of your group’s interest and wishes. The tours are typical of 1½ - 3 hours duration and the price depends of the selected tour.

Bus tours with a break for a meal is also possible, we have contact to local bus companies and restaurants.

All our guides speak Danish, many speak German and a few speak English. We make an effort to find the best suitable guide for your tour. The more information you provide on your group the greater the chance for a good match.

It is our experience that the proportion 1 guide per 25-30 persons provides the quests with the best tour experience. Everyone can hear the guide and we avoid the problems in smaller rooms on indoor tours at places like Sønderborg Castle.  

The price is DKK 1,000 per guide for the first 2 hours and DKK 400 for each hour thereof. In addition, extra costs can occur in form of entrance fee, invoice fee, additional opening of Gråsten Palace Church as well as taxi fare for the guide if tour begin and end is at two different sites. Extra costs will emerge clearly at the ordering or from the offer and the confirmation.   

At the booking, we prefer to receive a mobile number and a name of a contact person participating on the tour – this information is lead on to the guide. Before tour begin, you will receive name and contact number of your guide.

We except the following forms of payment: Cash payment on the day of the tour or we send you an invoice in Danish crowns.

Here we refer to other suppliers!
We are not member of the Danish travel guarantee fund „Rejsegarantifonden“, which is needed to arrange packages with accommodation.

If you want to include a guided tour of Dybbøl Banke or the History Centre Dybbøl Banke as a part of your programme, we recommend you to contact the History Centre Dybbøl Banke and book these tours before you contact us; we will then adjust our tours accordingly.

If you want to hear about Sønderborg Castle and its exciting history, the museum has its own staff as tour guides.

Summer tours
Guiden fortæller om Gråsten Slotshave
History Centre Dybbøl Banke
History Center Dybbøl Banke in Week 42 anno 2021
Camp school activities by Sønderborg Ungdomsskole
Camp school activities by Sønderborg Ungdomsskole
Museum Sønderborg Castle
Omvisning på Sønderborg Slot på øen Als
Fotogalleri - gruppeture på øen Als og i Sønderborgområdet

Photo:VisitSønderborg; Kim Toft Jørgensen, Conni Ernst

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