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Feodora Sønderborg - Germany without return

Sailing with Feodora II from Sønderborg to Langballigau in Germany - without return sailing

From 28 June to 8 September 2022, Feodora II sails from Sønderborg to Langballigau in Germany.

Every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday there is a departure at  3pm from the quay at the port office at Nørrebro in Sønderborg to Langballigau in Germany. As the ship has its home port in Lanballigau there is no return sailing, but you can either take the bike on board or use public bus transport back via Flensburg.

The voyage takes approx. 55 minutes and a travel passport must also be presented for adults as well as children and if you are not an EU citizen - a valid Schengen Visa, upon Ticketsale/boarding.

Ticket sales at the ship one hour before departure - credit cards are NOT accepted.

Price in Euro
Adults: 15 (DKK 120)
Children (4-14 years): 10 (DKK 80)
Bicycle: 3
Electric bike: 6
Dog can be brought for a contribution of 3 Euro to Bullterrier in Not e.V. - Remember Dog Passport with documentation for a valid rabies vaccine for return travel in Denmark.

Bus transport Langballigau - Flensburg
There is a bus (route 810) from Langballigauer Straße to Flensburg approx. at 5.11 pm with arrival at ZOB Flensburg approx. at 5.42 pm.

Price in Euro
Adults: 5.80
Children (6-14 years): 3.50
Dog: 3.50
Tickets are paid for in cash on the bus in Euro.

Bus transport ZOB Flensburg - Sønderborg
There is a bus (route 110) from ZOB Flensburg to Sønderborg approx. at 6.08 pm with arrival in Sønderborg approx. at 7.22 pm.

Price in DKK
Adults: 72
Children (0-15 years) 36
Dog: 36
Tickets are paid for in cash in DKK or EURO or by using the Sydtrafiks App.

Return sailing to Brunsnæs / Egernsund with the bicycle ferry Rødsand
The bicycle ferry sails until and including 25 August 2022 from Langballigau at 5 pm, where it docks at Brunsnæs and ends at Egernsund via Marina Minde. Rødsand is only approved for 12 people, so book your ticket in advance -

Please note: You can also choose the trip the other way, over land and sail with Feodora II from Langballigau, departing at. 11 am towards Sønderborg.