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Egeskovvej Little Houses 2 - Gendarme Path

Situated right at the Gendarmstien between Gråsten and Sønderborg you will find these special and private Little Houses for your overnight stay.

With stunning views over Flensburg Fjord and a cosy place to rest your weary feet, you can be sure of a warm welcome when you arrive.

Little House 2 accommodates up to six persons.
A cosy little house where you sleep on the floor on the first floor.

It is very back to basic, as there is no electricity, so candles light it up and the owner is happy to provide hot water for tea or coffee.

Price: DKK 550 per night (max 2 nights)

*Due to Covid-19 you must bring your own bedding, Sleeping Pad/Mattress/Pillow

Toilet Paper, Hand Soap and Hand Disinfectant supplied.

Basic Amenities:
Tent Toilet
Pets allowed on a leash

Firewood + Lighters : DKK 35 per Day

Once you confirm your booking with us, the Little House 2 will be yours for a max of 2 nights

Food and Drinks can be ordered in advance when Booking.

See also Little House 1 - with space for 2 persons

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