Brøggeriet will be closed from 12 December 2020 until further notice, due to the worrying infection rates in connection with COVID-19.

Whatever you visit us at lunchtime, dinner or at a party, we always aim for a relaxed spirit.

At daytime, you will experience Brøggeriet as the friendliest and most beautiful café of Sønderborg, which offers a good wipe, food, games and sharp prices on the coffee. During the day, our café is full of happy guests enjoying their afternoon coffee, a date, a dinner, a beer or a cocktail and a game. We serve breakfast in form of a brunch plate and small side dishes. For lunch and dinner, the menu is social food, or shared food like boxes/tapas dishes, burgers, salads and snacks.

Every Friday and Saturday night, we open the doors to Brøggeriet by Night, where we turn up the music and serve delicious cocktails. The interior is maybe (at least in our opinion) the most beautiful in Sønderborg when we bid welcome to our warm inviting and cosy rooms at day, evening and night-time.

We offer a simple but delicious selection of wine and drinks and everything is particular selected in cooperation with the local wine specialist of Sønderborg Wohlenberg. As a unique feature, we can offer 2-hour wine ad libitum for DKK 159 per person. We also serve very delicious cocktails and we are especially proud of our most sold cocktail “Passionate from miles away”