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Als Brindle route

Welcome to Als Bridle Route

Als I the 7th biggest island in Denmark (about 312 km2). The island is connected to the mainland Jutland by two bridges and it has ferry connections to Jutland and Funen.

The varied landscape on Als contains both fantastic coast- and small woods, and the finest bathing- and nature beaches. All in all a perfect place for a riding holiday.

Als Bridle Route is about 100 km. It is marked with blue pictograms and approximately 30-40 km of the route is field and gravel roads.

 Rest and accommodation options

Along the route they have established rest folds where you can “park” your horse while you enjoy a break in the beautiful Alsian nature. There are also rest areas with tying beams, where you can rest with your horse. 

In several places there will be primitive accommodation spots, where it is also possible to stay overnight with your horse.

You can book accommodations for you and your horse online on

The guide book with maps and information material can be bought at the Sønderborg tourism office, 6400 Sønderborg. The price is DKK 55.

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