Bird tower at Trillen with a view of Vælddam on the island of Als

Trillen and Lambjerg Indtægt at Høruphav

Photo: Bo Bach

At the former fishing village in Høruphav on the island of Als, you will find the bird sanctuary Trillen and the idyllic little forest Lambjerg Indtægt.

Trillen, a lovely natural area located just southwest of the town of Høruphav, was back in the Stone Age a number of small islands which over time have become landlocked with the coast with a long sandy sea. On the now landlocked islands owned by the state and managed by the Nature Agency Sønderjylland, traces of Stone Age settlements have been found.


Sandtangen encircles the bird-rich lake called "Vælddam". It is found on the almost primeval forest-like Great Trille, a bird tower which gives a really good overview of the area. Here, all year round, a rich bird life of especially waterfowl can be observed.

Parts of the area were used in the old days to have cattle walking in the summer, but this was abandoned for a period of time to be resumed. Grazing now takes place in the summer of cattle or horses to keep the area open like a beach meadow to accommodate the special flora associated with this type of nature.

That is why there are many different exciting plant species. One of the special ones is the rather rare common fleabane which grows close to the coast in the southern parts of Denmark. There are also many specimens of Denmark's largest wild perennial with yellow flowers called marsh sowthistle and many other species such as. wild carrot, yellow bedstraw and wild celery.

There are several parking spaces in the forest, Lambjerg Indtægt, close to Sønder Landevej from where there is a path all the way around Trillen.

Around the coast there are great opportunities for fishing, and maybe you can be lucky to get a sea trout on the hook. In the forest, lush deciduous forest of 69 hectares, there are a number of ancient monuments in the form of burial mounds.

Near the forestry house is also a Danish warrior grave in memory of the last fallen soldier from the battle when the Prussians conquered Als on June 29, 1864.

There is the possibility of free tenting according to current rules for the Danish Nature Agency's areas, in the part of the forest that lies north of the country road. In the southern part there are shelters and a really nice primitive accommodation with tables, benches and a fire place, right by the forest and beach. The accommodation is easily accessible from the sea if you are going on a canoe or kayak trip.

Jens Jørgensen tells about Trillen and Lambjerg Indtægt

Nature guide Jens Jørgensen recommends a trip to the nature area Trillen and Lambjerg Indtægt by Høruphav on the island of Als. By the coast grows, among other things, the rare common fleabane.Photo:Acabashi/Bo Bach

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