Fishing at the island Als in the Sønderborg-area for nice trouts

Tight lines - go fishing at island Als

Along our coastline you will find a varying ocean floor where the many stones provide hiding places for the beautiful sea trout. In the deep waters of lakes, large pikes wait while being protected by plants and reeds.

Our coast line of 258 km makes the Sønderborg-area and the island Als to the perfect place for your next fishing holiday. Here you will find good angling spots and lakes, where you have a god chance for catching your dinner. 

Fishing in rivers, brooks and streams is prohibited in our surrounding area – we refer to the streams Gels Å near the city of Bevtoft and Gram Å at the city of Gram, both in Haderslev Municipality and Vidå near the ciy of Tønder on the westside of Jutland.

Before the first cast you need to know which fishing license or fishing card is reguired - read more on the pages about Coast fishing or Lake fishing.

Treat others like you want to be treated
Fishing is a gentleman sport with respect for the nature and other anglers. We have gathered some guidelines of rules and the right behavour:

The beaches are public area. Neither individuals or unions can therefore seize an entire beach or a larger area.

Be respectful towards over anglers and keep your distance. Be considerate towards the nature and do not litter.

Respect private properties and help protect and maintain the stock by keeping the the rules for minimum length and closed seasons.

Protected or fish below minimum length must be released immediately when caught, whether they are alive, damaged or dead.

Map of good fishing spots and other useful tips:

Learn more about our fishing waters

On a tour with a local guide, you will learn about the different fishing waters and which lure to use at the different spots.

Fishing tour with guide - Outdoor i Centrum
Fishing tour with guide - Outdoor i Centrum
Fly-fishing with Jens Jakob Ditlev
Fly-fishing with Jens Jakob Ditlev

The right gear and if everything fails...

Do you need a couple of good blinkers, the right spinner or is the favourite fly stuck in a tree? Gear up at one of our local fishing shops: 

Then there is always the best friend of the angler with no luck - the fishmonger!