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Den Kongelige Køkkenhave i Gråsten med snorlige linjer

The Royal Kitchen Garden

Photo: Destination Sønderjylland

The concept of kitchen garden takes on a whole new meaning when you visit Gråsten and the city's latest shot at the trunk of sights.

It is truly regal, with its winding footpaths, stylish herb beds and trellis and not to forget, the beautiful rows of fruit trees.
Then there is also the location where the neighbour is the royal family's summer residence - Graasten Palace with its gardens and church.

The plans to transform the old kitchen garden arose in 2015 jointly between the Palaces and Culture Agency and Sønderborg Municipality.

The idea was to create a new, favorite tourist destination in Southern Jutland and it has fully succeeded.

The kitchen garden is laid out in Baroque style with winding corridors and beautiful water mirrors and today guests from home and abroad can enjoy the sight of precisely demarcated beds, with a wealth of herbs, shrubs with berries and fruit trees.

The Royal Kitchen Garden was inaugurated on 24 July, 2020 by H.M. Queen Margrethe II and her sister H.K.H. Princess Benedict.

For practical information about parking and opening hours see this link.


Den Kongelige Køkkenhave
Felstedvej 8
6300 Gråsten

The Royal Kitchen Garden in Gråsten

Especially from above you get an impression of the baroque style in the Royal Kitchen Garden, with the stringy corridors and precisely laid out beds as well as the location in relation to Gråsten Palace.Photo:Destination Sønderjylland

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