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Naturpark Nordals

Photo: Torben B. Fischer

Experience varied nature, with protected forests, bogs, coastal meadows and lakes in the 1928-hectare nature park at the island of Als.

Zoom is a must! The diverse nature in Naturpark Nordals can be experienced all year round and each season makes its own mark on vegetation and wildlife.

The many lakes offer an eldorado of bird life and it is therefore a good idea to have binoculars with you on the trip, so you can get "closer" to birds like the impressive sea eagle.

Naturpark Nordals is a habitat for a number of bird species that are mentioned as vulnerable on the Danish Red List, including breeding birds such as the lightning-fast kingfisher, the arctic tern with the elegant tail, the Eurasian coot and the common moorhen with its green legs, as well as the common goldeneye, tufted duck, northern lapwing, great crested grebe and the municipality bird of Sønderborg – the common merganser. Under the category endangered you will find the rare gull wading bird; The wood sandpiper.

A good eye and zoom on the small details is certainly also an advantage, as the various biotopes offer exciting insects and amphibians as well as rare plants. Especially at the beaches you will find a high diversity of plants and here you can also be lucky to meet the natterjack toad.

You can hike, bike, row and ride! Naturpark Nordals can be experienced in countless ways, on foot you can either follow the Alsstien part of the 64 km or explore some of the many shorter paths found in the nature park.

By bike, you also have options for both short and long routes. If you are kayaking around the island of Als, you can enjoy the beautiful entrance to Dyvig and Mjels Vig.

On horseback along the 100 km long Riding Route Als, you have several accommodation options located in the area of ​​the nature park and several of them have shelters, so you do not have to have a tent in the pack. Because when you are on the road in nature, it is important to be able to travel easily.

Accommodation and shelters may be used by anyone traveling on foot and by water, by bicycle or on horseback. Pay attention to whether the shelter you are considering using must be booked in advance!

See map of Naturpark Nordals - if you want less information, then open the map on the square in the right corner, it gives you the opportunity to deselect layers.

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Alsstien - the view of Oldenor
Alsstien - 64 km of rambling joy
Horseback holiday on Als Bridle Route in the Sønderborg-area
Als Bridle Route - 100 kilometre on horseback
The lake and fiord landscape – a cycle tour on island Als
The lake and fiord landscape – a cycle tour on island Als
The North Coast on Als – a cycle route
The North Coast on Als – a cycle route
Tiny European tree frog on finger tip on island Als in the Sønderborg-area


In the area of ​​Naturpark Nordals there are no less than 8 different amphibians.

So keep an eye out for the European tree frog, the common frog, the Northern creasted newt, the smooth newt, the common toad, the moor frog, the common spadefoot and the natterjack toad.

Common kingfisher lives on the island Als and in the forest Gråstenskovene in the Sønderborg-area
Lukas Bieri


In the many water areas in Naturpark Nordals you can experience a varied bird life.

Ducks and geese, elegant patch divers and the lightning-fast kingfisher to name a few and by Bundsø and Mjels Sø the king of them all is a frequent guest - the sea eagle!

The brown long-eared bat is only seen at a few locations in the Sønderborg-area
Joxerra Aihartza - Wikimedia commons


Many shudder at the thought of bats and others love the sight of this little nocturnal insect hunter.

Naturpark Nordals is an incredibly good area if you want to observe foraging bats. The large area covered by the nature park offers both a varied range of accommodation and hunting areas, which means that there are several species of bats.

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