Tiny European tree frog on finger tip on island Als in the Sønderborg-area
Poppies blooming at the Gendarme Path in the Sønderborg-area

Nature can be difficult to spot

Photo:VisitSønderborg&Kim Toft Jørgensen

You are never far from the coastline with impressive cliffs, attractive beaches, shady forests and countless opportunities to explore the idyllic landscape. Here, daily life stress soon is exchanged by relaxing experiences.

The nature guide recommends

Ramsons are found at Arnkil in February to May
Use nature's raw materials in early spring – Ramsons at Arnkil
The Black trumpet mushroom is found in the Gråsten forests, among other places
Black trumpet mushrooms in Gråstenskovene
Kværs Hede in Sønderborg Municipality
The hidden heath at Kværs
Bridge over outflow from Hartsø - the bird's paradise on Kegnæs
Hartsø - a bird's paradise on Kegnæs
Fjordmosen at Nørreskoven Als
Fjordmosen at forest Nørreskoven Als
"Karsesøen" in Rumohrsgård dyrehave at the island of øen Als in Sønderborg Municipality
Rumohrsgård dyrehave - pure idyll and history
 Bring your bike and enjoy Sønderskoven on the island of Als in the Sønderborg area
Bike ride in Sønderskoven
Go on a dark hike at Sydals in the Sønderborg area
A dark walk on South Als
Western marsh harrier on the wings over reed forest
Mjang Dam and Brovold
Bird tower at Trillen with a view of Vælddam on the island of Als
Trillen and Lambjerg Indtægt at Høruphav
Sand martins at Borreshoved on Broagerland in Sønderborg Municipality
Sand martins at Skelde
Sandbjerg Gods
Sottrupskov - tour of the forest with lots of history
The nightingale at Kær Vestermark
Common merganser female with young at the island Als in the Sønderborg-area
The common merganser
Large-leaved lime alley with the heart-shaped leaves in Augustenborg Skov
Augustenborg Skov – the lime alley and the old oak trees
Yellow bamboo grows wild in the forest Avnbøl Sned
The bamboo forest – Avnbøl Sned

Suggestion for longer tours

The Gendarme Path LQT hiking route of 84 km
The Gendarme Path - 84 km LQT hike
Alsstien - the view of Oldenor
Alsstien - 64 km of rambling joy
Horseback holiday on Als Bridle Route in the Sønderborg-area
Als Bridle Route - 100 kilometre on horseback
Family on a bike trip at Dybbøl Banke in the Sønderborg-area
Go bike riding
Poppies blooming at the Gendarme Path in the Sønderborg-area

Nature by the Gendarme Path showing off in owerwhelmingly beauty, with blooming poppies, impressive cloudes and sailing boats on the bay Sønderborg Bugt.Photo:Kim Toft Jørgensen

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