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Western marsh harrier on the wings over reed forest

Mjang Dam and Brovold

Photo: Imran Shah - Pixabay

At Augustenborg on the island of Als, you will find the beautiful natural area Mjang Dam, which offers a varied bird life, and if you follow the Augustenborg path, you will also pass Brovold.

Mjang Dam is located approx. two kilometres east of Augustenborg, and you can pass the nature area via the path Augustenborgstien.

Mjang Dam has an 88-hectare marsh, meadow and lake area, and is one of the finest bird areas on Als. It is a very numerous birdlife, which is particularly characterized by species that have adapted to the reed forest. To the west, just on the other side of the dual-track main road, lies the rampart site of Brovold and the narrow lake and reed forest area of ​​Nydam.

To the north, the meadows at Mjang Dam border the Sønderborg Golf Club course. To get on this beautiful trip, you have the option of parking at the Golf Club's parking areas. Toilet access is available, and there are tables and benches for any packed lunches and drinks.

When the golf club is open, you can buy coffee and other necessities.

Mjang Dam has been connected to Augustenborg Fjord since the dawn of time. There, the inner fjord was used as a kind of trading post. Several stone axes have been found in the vicinity of Mjang Dam through excavations, which is an indication that even in the Stone Age the place was important. In the Viking Age, the place was also of great importance.

Around the year 1950, several committees tried to use the area for agriculture through land reclamation. This project was later dropped. It was simply not thought that the area was suitable for agriculture due to the bottom conditions, which are very sandy. Nowadays, the area is completely protected and plays an important role in the water supply to the cities of Augustenborg and Sønderborg.

Brovold is a fortified settlement from the transition between the Viking Age around 1050 and the earlier Middle Ages around 1220. The fortification functioned as a roadblock at an important ford in connection with the trading post. During the summer months, the area is cared for by grazing cows, calves and young cattle.

As mentioned, Mjang Dam is completely protected today. This has resulted in the area being characterized by a unique bird and plant life. However, only approx. 10% of Mjang Dam has an open water mirror. The rest is largely reed forest.

151 bird species and a multitude of different plant species and grasses have been registered. In winter, thousands of geese can be seen roosting on the site. And if you are in to Sort Sol, a murmuration of thousands of starlings setteling to spend the night, this phenomenon can also be observed in both spring and autumn.

The thrush nightingale sings its characteristic melody both night and day. A unique experience.

The western marsh harrier and the hen harrier soar tirelessly over the reed forest in search of food. The cuckoo cuckoos diligently in the area. The bearded reedling that resides in the reed forest is a beautiful sight.

At the clubhouse you will find the start of the Augustenborg Path, which is a 7 km hiking trail that takes you past Brovold and along Augustenborg Fjord to Augustenborg Forest.

Mjang Dam is definitely worth a visit and definitely bring your binoculars.

Tom Reersdorff tells about Mjang Dam and Brovold

Nature guide Tom Reersdorff talks about Brovold and the Mjang Dam nature area, where you can be lucky and see the beautiful bird - the bearded reedling.Photo:Rob Zweers - Pixabay/Bo Bach

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