Taksensand Lighthouse in forest Nørreskoven Als in the Sønderborg-area

Light along the coast

In Sønderborg municipality there are 10 lighthouses, most of them are from the time of the German rule.

The German marine
In 1905 the German marine decided to move its Baltic Fleet from Kiel to new marine stations in Flensborg and Sønderborg. The construction of the many lighthouses should perhaps be seen in this context. The lighthouses helped ships navigate in the complicated waters around Als; today this is done by means of satellite-controlled GPS technology. However, even modern equipment can fail and that´s why lighthouses are maintained in Denmark. 

Come up and enjoy the view
Kegnæs Lighthouse was the only one established on island Als, when the area came under German rule in 1864. The lighthouse of today is open for visitors and you can climb the stairs and enjoy the view.

The lighthouse made film history
Taksensand Lighthouse has become even more known as location in the film "In Love & War". Originally the search was set for a house of a ferryman, however a photo of Taksensand Lighthouse and a visit to the location settled the matter and something maybe never seen before within the film industry happened - a location chanced the manuscript; a lighthouse keeper replaced a ferryman.