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Cover your ears and sense the smell of gun powder, as the cannon is fired at History Centre Dybbøl Banke. Experience the war in 1864, cast bullets and enjoy hot pan cakes with your family.

Meet the soldier from the war in 1864! At the History Centre Dybbøl Banke, you will get involved in one of the most exciting chapters of Danish history. Join the war in 1864, where the cannon thunder and the scent of pancakes spread in the soldier’s camp.

The Prussian soldier J. Bubbe is excited about his new breech loader, that fires its bullets with an enormous velocity. Danish private Hansen is pleased with his good, old muzzle loader. It does not fire the bullets with the same velocity, but it always works!

You may be so lucky as to overhear the cheerful argument between the two soldiers during the war between Prussia and Denmark in 1864. "This type of presentation of history is the center's hallmark", explains center manager and curator Bjørn Østergaard: "We present the war of 1864 through the people who took part in it. By the help of old letters and diaries, we can show what these people were like and how they lived through the war. When visitors see, listen to and talk to the historical persons, they experience the war in a new and exciting way. New people join the story all the time; in this way we can renew and vary what visitors come across at the history centre."

You become a part of history yourself

Not only the historical people are active in the center. Suddenly, you and your family become a part of the dramatic events at Dybbøl Banke in 1864 yourselves.

While listening to the Danish song `Dengang jeg drog afsted´ (When I went to War) and to loud commands, you march to the stands, where you must cover your ears when a cannon is fired with a deafening bang. Later on you will try out what it is like to lift a tremendously heavy fortress cannon. You enjoy yourself with pan cakes and a fire, you cast bullets at the blacksmith’s and write letters with a pen and ink.

A fantastic day awaits you and your family at History Centre Dybbøl Banke.



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