Tour de France 2022 i Sønderborg

Grand Départ finish town Tour de France 2022

Tour de France 2021 tour cykler i Sønderborg

Sønderborg - Grand Départ finish town 2022

They will be sticking it in the big blade on 3rd July 2022!

Sønderborg is the final finish town of Grand Départ Denmark on 3rd July of Tour de France in 2022 and we look foreward to welcoming guests and cycling entusiasts to our scenic area and experiance the cycling race feeling!

A 100-day programme will be launched as an upstart to the legs in Denmark.

The Grand Départ route through Sønderborg Municipality
The third leg of Grand Départ Denmark will enter Sønderborg Municipality at the northern border to our neighbour Aabenraa Municipality, from where it leads past the beautiful and royal city Gråsten. The route continues to the east around the cove Nybøl Nor. From here, the route goes up upon Dybbøl Banke past the History Centre Dybbøl Banke and the national symbol of Danish bravery - Dybbøl Mill.  

The riders will be flying downhill and pass over the Christian X Bridge, from where the route leads them up the road of Løkken, from here they drive a sloop back to the harbour, passing Hotel Alsik and the Multi-Culture House. They continue under the bridge alongside Sønderborg Harbour front towards the Sønderborg Castle.  

From Sønderborg Castle the route, lead the riders alongside the beach promenade before it goes northeast around the city via the road Borgmester Andersens Vej and back towards the city on the road Augustenborg Landevej to the finish line.

Hot spots at the route
There will be many good spots alongside the route and it is the plan to erect special hot spots with large transmission screens, food booths, toilets and entertainment at sites in Gråsten, at Dybbøl Banke and at
Borgmester Andersens Vej in Sønderborg

Overnight stay in the area of Sønderborg
whether you are in to luxury or like to sleep under open sky, you will find many forms of accommodation in Sønderborg Municipality.

On the map bellow, you can see the route and the many forms of accommodation.

After the final spurt the party continues
when the riders has passed the finish line and you have seen them get on board the tour bus, they leave town towards the Sønderborg Airport from where they are flying out to France and Tour de France - the party however will continue in the city centre!

Tour de France 2022 i Sønderborg