Blue Flag in Sønderborg on island Als - snorkeling girl with crab

Go out into the open

Photo: Blå Flag Sønderborg Kommune

Follow the course of nature and meet its residents on one of the many free tours of nature in the Sønderborg-area. Participate at the Blue Flag events with focus on marine life or simply go out and enjoy nature on your own or with family and friends.

Do you enjoy nature and would you like to learn more?

Go out into the open!
Sønderborg Municipality launches yearly a Danish calendar named “Ud i Naturen”, this is an overview of free tours from March to December with focus on various themes. The calendar is worked out in cooperation with volunteers from nature organizations, each with an area of interest of their own, this makes it possible to offer tours and expert knowledge within themes like fauna and flora, amphibians, birds and bats, just to name a few.

Meet marine life!
In the Danish summer holidays, you can explore and learn about the marine life at our coasts. The Blue Flag programme organizes events throughout the Sønderborg Municipality. Participate at activities like Day of the Crab, Insects and small Animals at the Beach, Shrimping and Taste the Beach and so on.

Touch basins and education riff.
From end of June to midst August, you can meet the nice promoters on marine life at the Blue Flag Centre, situated near Sønderborg Yacht harbour. In the opening hours you can drop by and lent some equipment like for an expedition of the coastal education riff “Triton” through underwater monocular. You can also “pad” a crab in one of the feel- and touch basins outdoors and experience the sea surrounding us by looking at the exhibitions tanks with fish, animals and plants or have a good chat with the promoters on marine biology and environment.

Fish on the square in Sønderborg!
The marine day “Marin Torvedag” is a yearly Saturday event in August, where the square ”Rådhustorvet” in Sønderborg comes a live with marine life and tasting.

The nature guides recommendation

The skilled and committed nature guides at Sønderborg Municipality have made some fine descriptions of special experiences and natural areas that you must not miss.

Ramsons are found at Arnkil in February to May
Use nature's raw materials in early spring – Ramsons at Arnkil
The Black trumpet mushroom is found in the Gråsten forests, among other places
Black trumpet mushrooms in Gråstenskovene
Kværs Hede in Sønderborg Municipality
The hidden heath at Kværs
Bridge over outflow from Hartsø - the bird's paradise on Kegnæs
Hartsø - a bird's paradise on Kegnæs
Fjordmosen at Nørreskoven Als
Fjordmosen at forest Nørreskoven Als
"Karsesøen" in Rumohrsgård dyrehave at the island of øen Als in Sønderborg Municipality
Rumohrsgård dyrehave - pure idyll and history
 Bring your bike and enjoy Sønderskoven on the island of Als in the Sønderborg area
Bike ride in Sønderskoven
Go on a dark hike at Sydals in the Sønderborg area
A dark walk on South Als
Western marsh harrier on the wings over reed forest
Mjang Dam and Brovold
Bird tower at Trillen with a view of Vælddam on the island of Als
Trillen and Lambjerg Indtægt at Høruphav
Sand martins at Borreshoved on Broagerland in Sønderborg Municipality
Sand martins at Skelde
Sandbjerg Gods
Sottrupskov - tour of the forest with lots of history
Large-leaved lime alley with the heart-shaped leaves in Augustenborg Skov
Augustenborg Skov – the lime alley and the old oak trees
Bundsø - a part of Naturpark Nordals in the Sønderborg area
Naturpark Nordals

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