Go pike fishing in the lakes of island Als in the Sønderborg-area

Angling in lakes, brackish waters and P&T in the Sønderborg-area

On the island Als you can fish in lakes, areas of brackish water as well as the fishing lake, Egen Mølle Put and Take. At Gråsten there is a lake with brackish water and disability-friendly access.

Fishing card

Fishing in lakes and brackish waters as well as fishing lakes (Put and Take) requires a fishing card issued for the specific location or a membership in a local sportsfishing club, this is valid for anglers of every age.

Fishing in lakes and brackish waters connecting to the sea, requires an additional state fishing licence - this is valid for all anglers from the age of 18 until and including 64 years.

Minimum length and closed season

in fresh- and brackish water

Minimum length:

(measured in cm from snout tip to tailfin tip)

Perch: - (if no other rules exist)
Brown trout:                         30,0  
Pike:  60,0        (if no other rules exist)
Eel - European yellow: 45,0  
Sea trout: 40,0  
Whitefish/Pollan: 36,0  
Salmon: 40,0  
Zander: 50,0 (if no other rules exist)
Flounder: 25,5  
Lake trout: 40,0  

Closed season:

Salmon and trout:   16 Nov - 15 Jan  (applies for fish in breeding colours)
Pike: 01 Apr - 30 Apr  
Whitefish/Pollan: 01 Nov - 31 Jan  
Zander: 01 May - 31 May (if no other rules exist)
Go fishing with the children on the island Als in the Sønderborg-area

Go fishing with the children and let them experience nature form another perspective!