Scandinavia´s largest collection of barrows

Photo: Conni Ernst

The woods and forests in the Sønderborg-area is swarming with relics of antiquities. In the small forest Blomeskobbel on island Als you´ll see Scandinavia´s largest collection of barrows and on Broagerland lies one of Denmark´s unique relics of antiquity; Skelde Burial Mound.

We have the largest of them all! Like the rest of Denmark, the Sønderborg-area is swarming with relics of antiquities – we just have some that stands out.

At the east coast of island Als lies the small forest Blomeskobbel and here you´ll find Scandinavia´s largest collection of burial mounds and barrows. How did they do it? The large cover stone on one of the long barrows weighs approx. 20 ton and there were no machines in the Stone Age!

Skelde Burial Mound is amongst the unique in Denmark! Danish Agency for Culture and Palaces has selected 83 locations within history of civilization in Denmark for a project named “Denmark´s relics in the landscape” amongst them is Skelde Burial Mound, found on Broagerland.

Where you aware of the fact, that one of the known archaeologists in Denmark, Jens Raben grounded the collection which was the beginning of the museum at Sønderborg Castle?  

Then there is Jørgen Rieck, who is reckoned to have the largest private collection of relics in Denmark, visit the old school in Svenstrup on island Als and see Jørgen Riecks Archeological Collection.