Tiny European tree frog on finger tip on island Als in the Sønderborg-area
Nature can be difficult to spot
Poppies blooming at the Gendarme Path in the Sønderborg-area

You are never far from the coastline with impressive cliffs, attractive beaches, shady forests and countless opportunities to explore the idyllic landscape. Here, daily life stress soon is exchanged by relaxing experiences.

Explore the nature surrounding you

Tight lines

The Sønderborg-area has a 258 kilometre long coastline. On a fishing holiday at island Als and inlet Flensborg Fjord you can choose between many good fishing spots, and at least one of them is in lee. You can go by boat to fish on the water or try your luck on pike in one of the lakes.

A walk in the woods

Denmark´s longest coastal forest and the many other small and large woods awaits you in the Sønderborg-area

A day at the beach

The best bathing beach is found on South Als, and the dangerous rip currents known at the Northern Sea is no issue in our area.

On holiday with your dog

Tip on, how you and your dog can enjoy nature together without stressing animal life and fellow humans.

Meet the five

Joined by 4 other amphibian species the tree frog is living under strict protection in the Sønderborg-area.

Go bird watching

Photo: Mabel Amber - Pixabay

Island Als, the forest Gråstenskovene and the area Broagerland is rich on bird life. Bring your monocular, download the bird-App, and you are ready to go out in the field on your very own bird safari.

Go explore nature

Photo: Blå Flag Sønderborg Kommune

Nature needs a helping hand. Through promotion and projects of benefit to nature, the municipality Sønderborg Kommune supports this enourmous undertaking. However, we need you to join in!