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Photo:Nydambådens Laug&Thorbjørn Dons -

Look forward to the many experinces

The Sønderborg-area covers the island Als, Boragerland and the surounding mainland, alongside the inlet Flensborg Fjord to Rinkenæs and up the sound Als Sund to Ballebro. The main cities in our area is Gråsten, Augustenborg, Nordborg and Sønderborg. Our area is rich on opportunities to be active, explore and learn during your holiday. 

Presence of history

Our area is rich on opportunities to be active, explore and learn during your holiday. Experience an area rich on history - from prehistoric time with barrows and spectacular maritime findings to war history in recent time. 

Tiny European tree frog on finger tip on island Als in the Sønderborg-area

Nature surrounds you

Scenic beauty and high skies. Pools and ponds swarming with amphibians and insects. The See-eagle hovering high above and animals making themselves comfortable in the shadow of the beech trees.  

Universe Science Park near Nordborg on island Als

Be active together

There is many possibilities to enjoy each other’s company in joined activities in our area, whether you like to go bike riding, hiking or want to make use of the Als Bridle Route amongst others.

Art and Culture

Go to the national party Tilting-at-the-Ring. See art and sculptures made by local, royal and famous artists. Enjoy the world of music and theatre. Go on board in local- and building history.



Look forward to streets of small shops and stores and shopping centre Borgen in Sønderborg city centre.

Solæg - eggs pickled in brine

Food and Drink

There is a saying; love goes through the stomach – However, food is a good promoter of culture. If you like to try the famous pickled egg or the legendary South Jutland coffee table is up to you.

The Gendarme Path LQT hiking route of 84 km

A hike by the Gendarme Path is time for absorption and beautiful nature experiencesPhoto:Thorbjørn Dons -

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