Flyangler at the coast of island Als in the Sønderborg-area

Angling from the coast surrounding island Als and at inlet Flensborg Fjord

Along the 258 kilometre coastline at island Als and inlet Flensborg Fjord in the Sønderborg-area, you will find many good angling spots.

Fishing license in Denmark

The fishing license from the Danish state is required of all anglers, from the age of 18 until and including 64 years, who want´s to go fishing at the coastline, at sea or in lakes and coves connecting to the sea. The state license can be purchased at Sønderborg Tourist office, many campsites and on the website 

The prices of fishing license (2021) is; DKK 40,- for 1 day, DKK 130,- for 1 week and DKK 185,- for 1 year (from date of purchase).

Fishing without a valid license leads to fine, confiscation of catch and in worst-case confiscation of gear. 

The state fishing license is personal and cannot be transferred. It gives you the right to use 3 rods at the time, and it is NOT permitted to sell the catch!

Limited catch, minimum length and closed season

The rules are limited to the fishing waters surrounding our part of the Baltic Sea, belts and sounds around island Als and Sundeved as well as the inlet Flensborg Fjord.

Limited catch

Western Baltic                                  Cove; Nybøl Nor
Cod:    Sea trout:
Limitation in 2021   2 trouts per angler per day or
01 February - 31 March:   2 trouts per boat per day
2 cods per angler per day   The rules of limition at Nybøl
January, April-December:   Nor is unchanged in 2021.
5 cods per angler per day    

Minimum length

(measured in cm from snout tip to tailfin tip)

Perch: 20,0   Turbot: 30,0
Pike: 60,0                   Plaice:                      25,0
Sea trout:                    40,0   Herring: -
Whitefish/Pollan: 36,0   Flounder: 23,0
Salmon: 60,0   Brill: 30,0
Mackrel: -   Cod: 35,0
Grey mullet: -   Eel - European yellow:  40,0
Saithe: -   Lobster - full length: 21,0

Additional lenght limits in Flensborg Inner Fjord

Turbot: 32,5   Flounder:                       25,5
Plaice:                         26,0                      

Closed season

Salmon and trout:     16 Nov - 15 Jan  (applies for fish in breeding colours)
Pike: 01 Apr - 15 May (in saltwater)

Additional closed season in Flensborg Inner Fjord

Eelpout:                    01 Oct - 31 Jan   (total length over 20 cm or with spawn)
15 Jan - 15 Mar
(female with roe pouch longer then
middle of the fish)
Flounder: 01 Mar - 15 May  (female)

Fishing spots on the island Als, at Sundeved and Flensborg Fjord

Fishing at the island Als in the Sønderborg-area for nice trouts

Along the coast line of the island Als you will find many god spots with chances of catching a nice sea trout