Augustenborg Palace church on island Als in the Sønderborg-area

The churches

You´ll find some real gems of church history in the Sønderborg-area. Amongst them Scandinavians oldest, preserved church room of the Renaissance. Denmark´s largest freestanding bell house and the village church with some of Denmark´s best preserved church stables.

If you can be bleesed with churches, consider Sønderborg as such an area, we really have some historical gems to offer.

Queen Dorothea´s Chapel at Sønderborg Castle is the oldest church room of the Renaissance in Scandinavia and one of the best-preserved princely church room in Northern Europe. Behind the locked door of the beautiful epitaph, the coffins of the ducal families are standing side by side. In the summer time, you can experience some very special concerts on the old organ.

At Broager Church with the characteristic twin tower, you can enjoy the sight of some beautiful wall paintings and Denmark´s largest freestanding bell house. Egen Church is the largest village church on island Als, here you´ll find some of Denmark´s best-preserved church stables.

Peasants who committed murder were executed, however noblemen visited the Pope and got absolution, they could effort to build. Kegnæs Church was built by Duke Hans the Younger, as penance for the execution of a group of innocent peasants and at the former pilgrimage church in Lysabild you can see a Holy Blood Chapel build of a nobleman as penance for the killing of another nobleman.

The burial chapel at Sønderborg Castle isn´t the only one in our area. Behind the altar of Nordborg Church you can see the coffins of the ducal family through a grated door. 

The church in Havnbjerg is national known since 2018, were it was used as location in the film "In Love & War" - did you know the priest in the film isn´t an actor?

City and Village churches