Bikes at Rådhustorvet in Sønderborg

Go bike riding

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On island Als and in the Sønderborg-area we have good cycling paths leading you through the scenic landscapes. There is routes for a cosy bike ride through the city, the woods or a long ride round the Holiday Island Als.

Biking routes in Sønderborg Municipality

Through the newer Sønderborg - approx. 10 km

A citywalk by bike through the newer parts of Sønderborg city. See the route here.

The lake- and fjord landscape on Als - Approx. 27 km

Explore North-Als by bike and drive through the scenic lake- and fjord landscape. The tour is accessible by ordinary bikes and MTB.

Stolbro Løkke - approx. 20 km

From Guderup, the route takes you on a scenic tour around the midst of island Als. You´ll pass the bog were the Hjortspringboat was found, Egen Church and the world´s tallest sundial. On the trip, you can enjoy the view of inlet Augustenborg Fjord at several places.

The Northcoast on Als - approx. 26 km

The tour begins at Nordborg Castle and takes you round the northerly part of island Als, were bathing beaches and rich bird life awaits you.

Havnbjerg Beach - approx. 11 km

A cosy ride starting at the Havnbjerg centre. The tour takes you passt the home of Mads Clausen - the founder of Danfoss, Havnbjerg Church and Havnbjerg Mill, known from the film "In Love & War". On a hot day you can go swimming at Havnbjerg Beach.

Forest Nørreskoven - approx. 17 km

The tour begins in Guderup, and takes you through the forest Nørreskov - one of the longest coastal forests in Denmark, passt Elstrup Mill and the scenic Fjordmosen, were you can enjoy the various floral life and watch the rich bird life tfrom the bird watching tower.

MTB Bittenlunden - approx. 8 km

The route is for mountainbikes and takes you round the wood Elsmark Skov and alongside the coast at Tranerodde. Swimming is NOT recommended here due to polution.

MTB Fladbæk - approx. 22 km

The tour is for mountainbikes and takes you round the forest Nørreskoven. The tour follows hilly roads of gravel. Swimming is NOT recommended at the Tranerodde Lighthouse were the tour begins due to polution, wait until you reach the beaches at the forest.

Gendarme Path by bike

The Gendarme Path is a hiking route, with alternative routes for biking. The map of the path can be collected at Sønderborg Tourist office. There is deep slopes as well as narrow passages and bringing a bike trailer is not recommended.

Take a break and drive the bike on board

On board Ferry Bitten the bike passage is free

Ferry Bitten: Ballebro-Hardeshøj

Take a break - take the ferry Færgen Bitten between Ballebro and Hardeshøj Make the journey an adventure – Take a break from traffic, enjoy a quiet m...

Bicycle ferry Denmark - Germany

This summer route is not active for the time being due to the Corona restrictions

Tour on board the Rødsand to Flensburg

This summer route is not active for the time being due to the Corona restrictions

Practical information before and during the tour

Here you´ll find a list of bike rental shops

Find toilets out on the route. To see the toilets on the map activate the button "offentlige toiletter".

Here you´ll find a map were you can activate the spots with lunch pack houses (madpakkehus), bird watching towers (fugletårn) and were to get drinking water (drikkekvandspost) in our area.

Longer routes by bike and cycling packages

The Baltic Sea Route N8

Slip into the cycling trousers and pump up the bike for one of Denmark’s longer and scenic cycling routes - the 820 kilometre of the Baltic Sea Route!

5 days cycling package

Explore the Sønderborg area over 5 days, with accommodation at the hostels in Vollerup and Rinkenæs.