Bring your bike and enjoy Sønderskoven on the island of Als in the Sønderborg area

Bike ride in Sønderskoven

Photo: Sønderborg Kommune


The beech reflects its peak in the blue wave on the bike ride in Sønderskoven just outside Sønderborg city on the island of Als. All year round you can enjoy this lovely forest area and experience the charm of the changing seasons.

Sønderskoven is a beautiful and classic East Danish deciduous forest that ends abruptly towards Sønderborg Bay. The tree species are mainly beech and oak and the whole forest is on 400 hectares. It is a state forest, but it is also Sønderborg town's forest, as the town's boundary to the east is also the forest boundary to the west.

This proximity to the city makes it a favourite and attractive excursion destination if you are in Sønderborg.

If you have fresh legs and are ready for a longer hike, large parts of the forest can be visited on a long walk. But if you have the opportunity to go by bike, I would really also recommend this, as the roads are good and varied, and this gives you the opportunity to get even more around and see the many glories of the forest, says Nature Guide Tobias P. Ehmsen.

An obvious trip could be starting from Kryb-i-ly on Egetoftevej, a central site in the middle of the forest with tables and benches for the packed lunch and a nice water hole.

Then drive south on the roads Skovpartslinjen and Fredsmajvej until you reach the beach. Here is ample opportunity to enjoy the view of Flensburg Fjord. If you are interested in birds, a visit to the bird tower south of Lake Fredsmaj will be obvious, just remember to park your bike on the way there. Birds can be observed here all year round, and the mute swan, greylag goose, the great crested grebe, Eurasian coot, the tufted duck and Sønderborg's national bird are often seen; common merganser are often seen here.

Now that you are in this part of the forest, a top trip without a bike to the impressive highlight Vonsklint is recommended. Here the beech reflects its peak in the wave blue, and the view is majestic.

Then continue along Elverhøjvej and turn north along the hilly Arnhøjvej.

On the right side, the ridges are now felt inside the forest. Here is a large part of the Bronze Age burial mounds that Sønderskoven is also known for.

On the last stretch of the route you come past the moor, Staals Mose. A former European spruce stand has been brought back to its original state, and is now again a wetland which has created an idyllic breathing space in the middle of the forest for the benefit of wildlife which can also be observed here all year round.

When you get to Egetofte Nature School you turn left and are now back at Kryb-i-Ly.

Have a nice trip!

Tobias Præstholm Ehmsen recommends a bike ride in Sønderskoven Als

Nature guide Tobias Præstholm Ehmsen can warmly recommend a bike ride in forest Sønderskoven on the island of Als.Photo:Bo Bach/Sønderborg Kommune

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