Augustiana Art-park and Art-hall in Augustenborg on island Als

Augustiana Art Park and Art Hall

Photo: Conni Ernst

Augustenborg is rich on opportunities to explore art in beautiful surroundings. 

In the ducal city Augustenborg you can visit  Augustiana Art Park and Art Hall, situated near the castle with a beautful view of the inlet and next to the forest Augustenborg Skov. Here you can enjoy international art both inside and outdoors.

Don´t forget to visit the exhibition space Kunstpunkt, situated in the old post office, on your art tour of Augustenborg. 

The old city hall of Augustenborg is is a creative house with art studios and ateliers of local artists, a place where you get an impression and maybe inspiration by the wide selection of art forms under one roof.


Augustiana Art Park and Art Hall

AUGUSTIANA ART GALLERY & ART PARK Augustiana is an historical and architectural gem on the banks of Augustenborg Fjord with a long and varied history and an exciting future as an international art park and art centre. The focus of the programme is professional contemporary art. Augusti...


Kunstpunkt is an exhibition space / gallery (and at the same time an association) in the former post office building in Augustenborg. The around 200 members of the association can rent the house to organize public exhibitions. Every year, more than 30 different exhibitions take place...


KUNSTVÆRKET IN AUGUSTENBORG is a creative house with 51 art studios and ateliers summing of inspiration. KunstVærket is always open during the last weekend of the month, from 11 am to 4 pm, where many of the artists are present and working in their studio.