Art and cultural life is flourishing

Photo: Conni Ernst

Cultural life flourishes all year round in the Sønderborg-area, and there are many opportunities to be cultural - whether you like concerts on one of our many stages, beautiful buildings and castles, like to enjoy the theatre or art and visit craftsmen

From May to September, there is a wealth of exciting music festivals and outdoor concerts and during the wintertime, you can enjoy Christmas concerts, New Year's concerts and Electronic Music Festival. 


Augustiana Art-park and Art-hall

The focus is set on art in Augustenborg. Visit Augustiana, and continue to KunstPunkt - the exhibition space in the old post office. The last weekend of the month you can visit KunstVærket, a creative house, situated in the old city hall.

Culture-tour with A.P.

Find an oversight of selected sculptures in Sønderborg city.

Galleries and craftsmen

Visit our galleries and craftsmen and buy some art to remember the holiday by.

Art and sculptures

Experience art made by local, royal and world-known artists.


Seven sites - seven artists - seven artworks

Music, theatre and film


Theatre and revue


Museums and collections

The Museum at Sønderborg Castle

History Centre Dybbøl Banke

National symbol - Dybbøl Mill

Cathrinesminde Brick-work Museum

Smaller museums and collections

Cultural history

Castles and ruins




National festival of the year - tilting

Photo: Foto4you