Alsstien - the view of Oldenor

Alsstien - 64 km of rambling joy

Photo: Conni Ernst

From Hardeshøj the path leads you through scenic nature and hilly terrain on North-Als, through the beautiful forest Nørreskoven Als to Fynshav and alongside the coast and past weaving fields and hedgerows to Drejet on South-Als.

Hiking on the path Alsstien is nature experiences all the way.  Along the route, you will pass the reestablished lakes, Mjels Sø and Oldenor and if you choose a short detour, you can see the latest new lake in the row - Bundsø, where birdlife already is well established. With a bit of luck you can see the king of all birds - the European sea eagle!

The proud beech trees reflects their top in the blue of the sea, on the tour through one of the longest coastal forests of Denmark - Nørreskoven Als, where you can meet roe dear and fallow deer, at Fjordmosen you might get an glimpse of the red deer on the remote part of the meadow.

At overnight stays in a tent or one of the shelters, you can find supplements to your diet in the summer time through crisp sea kale and at harvest time, the hedgerows are full of bramble.

The most of the shelters and primitive tent sites are first come gets the space, however along the Bridle route Als, the Hay-Hotels and Hay-tent sites can be booked in advance and the may be used by people on foot, bicycle or boat.

If you arrive in Sønderborg by public transport or simply want to park the car and begin your hike from Sønderborg city, you can follow the path Alssundstien up to Ballebro, where the small car ferry “Bitten” sets you over to Hardeshøj and the start of the path Alsstien. Well arrived at Skovby on South-Als you can continue along the Gendarme Path past Høruphav to Sønderborg.

Map and Web App of Alsstien

Public transportation

Welcome to the scenic, rural areas and their infrastructure

The bus traffic is run by Sydtrafik, which provides several busses daily on the main routes between the larger cities, while the busses drive with fewer intervals in the outer areas.

If you want to go by bus to Ballebro and the ferry “Bitten”, you must study the timetable of route 112. The nearest bus stop is in the village Blans, from here you have an approx. 2 km walk to the ferry.

Here you can take route 229, which you also can enter in Høruphav if you choose to continue on the Gendarme Path.

The timetables for the busses is found on If you a travelling during summer time please notice, the schedules marked F who are valid from calendar week 26 to 31 as well as Christmas and New Year
NB. From 10 August 2020 cash payment is accepted again at the busses of Sydtrafik.

Flex tour
During weekends and holidays, when the intervals of busses are few and not compatible with your plans, you can order a Flex tour. A Flex tour can be ordered to pick you up or bring you to different part of the route; however, it does require an address for their GPS. A Flex tour must be ordered 2 hours in advance on phone +45 76 608 608.
NB. Until 17 August cash payment at the Flexbus is not possible due to COVID-19. You can book your bus trip on the Danish homepage of Sydtrafik under „Selvbetjening“ or become help by phone number +45 608 608 (from 8am - 3pm) to pay by credit card.