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Kitesurfer ved øen Als i Sønderborg-området

Active at the water

Photo: Jean van der Meulen - Pixabay

Holiday Island Als and the Sønderborg-area is rich on opportunities to be active on and in the water. Here you will find good spots for kayaking, wind- and kitesurfing. We have good angling waters and if you are in to diving the stone-riffs by Stenrev Als is worth a visit.

Kite- and Windsurfing

Things sometimes go wild at the dam "Drejet" that connects the island of Als with the peninsula of Kegnæs.

South-Als is surfer’s paradise. At Mommark Marina, Fynshav and Kegnæs the water is good for wind- and kitesurfing.

Especially the waters surrounding the peninsula Kegnæs often provides good wind simply because of the way Kegnæs is situated. All year Lillehav, the water between Kegnæs and island Als is visited by beginners and experienced surfer´s.

Surfer's Paradise Kegnaes has both the rental of various equipment and an offer of lessons.

If you are staying on North-Als, the beach at Købingsmark is a good spot for surfing. Drive through Nordborg city, follow the signs towards Pøl and continue on road to the water.

The bay near Brickwork Museum Cathrinesminde in Broage is the perfect spot for beginners, whether it is wind- or kitesurfing. Because the area is a bird sanctuary, all water sports are banned from mid May to mid September.

Show consideration for the animals in and around the water during surfing – please do not let the kite fly in over the heads of horses and other flight animals.

For an oversight of the good surfing spots and prohibited areas click here.

Surfer´s paradise at Drejet on island Als

Kite- and windsurfer´s in full speed on the water Lillehav, between island Als and peninsula Kegnæs, is at all times an impressive sight for us landsmen.Photo:Kim Toft Jørgensen


Island Als and the Sønderborg-area provides you with good access to the water, set the kayak to water and explore the island from the seaside.

On the sound Als Sund you´ll often find quiet waters in lee of the wind and here you can set your kayak in the water at Verdens Ende (the end of the world) under the Alssundbridge.

If you like to go kayaking round island Als you can see a Danish description of the route and the facilities you´ll meet, under this link.

Kayaking round the peninsula Kegnæs is also a possibility, however, you´ll need to carry the kayak the short distance over the dam Drejet.

Kayak toures and kayak rental

In 2023 you can book a kayaking tour with guide alongside the Gendarm Path

News! Kayak trips alongside the Gendarme Path

FoX Hygge & Motion offers a total of four different kayak trips with a guide along the historic walking trail Gendarmstien.

Mommark Marina - Kayak & SUP Rental
Photo: VisitSønderborg

Mommark Marina - Kayak & SUP Rental

Rental of 6 seekayaks and 4 SUP boards in Mommark at the holidayisland Als


SUP board

At Mommark Marina, they have 4 SUP boards for rent
- but before you get out on a board, read the safety guide below!

 SUP - Your guide to a safe trip on the water
Photo: Destination Sønderjylland

SUP - Your guide to a safe trip on the water

10 good advices for a safe experience with a Board!



Our 258 km long coastline as well as lakes and marshes invite you to a relaxing fishing trip.

Rent a sailing boat

Do you need an insight into our waters?
Then take a look at the digital chart at Eniro-Krak

Photo: VisitSønderborg


Enjoy a sailing holiday to the harbours of North Germany and around the South Fun archipelago



Vragdykning i Flensborg Fjord
Photo: Sønderborg Sportsdykkerklub
Sø-anemoner i Als Sund ved øen Als
Photo: Sønderborg Sportsdykkerklub

If you are in to diving the waters surrounding Holiday Island Als is a rich on opportunities. The sea is hiding exciting history and the local diver´s is ready with expert knowledge of the area.

Diving centre Broagerlands Dykkercenter sell equipment and courses as well as organizes tours to exciting shipwrecks.

PFE Dive Solution sell equipment to divers of all ages and organizes snorkel safari and underwater hunt round island Als. 

In the waters surrounding island Als a project re-establishing stone riffs helps revive the seabed creating living space for marine life and exciting experiences for divers. See the map below with the placement of the riffs.

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