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Geochacing on island Als in the Sønderborg-area

Free activities

Photo: Settergren - Pixabay

Good activities don´t have to cost money. Enjoy our wonderful nature and look in to other activities in the Sønderborg-area free of charge.

Pack a lunch basket and go visit the many playgrounds, who invites small and large children to play. Find local public playgrounds on the Danish web-app. 

See the Cro-magnon man Peter
Go on a trip back in time on a visit at Jørgen Riecks Archeological Collection, considered to be Denmark´s largest private collection, showing pre-historic finds from the Stone Age to the Midieval. 

Experience the city from above
Book free tickets on-line and take the lift up to Point of View at Alsik Hotel and Spa, were you can enjoy the view of Sønderborg and holiday island Als from the 16th floor.

On the trace of 1864
Equipped with a smartphone you can go explore the historical sights of the war in 1864. Download ”På sporet af 1864” (Danish only) or the App ”Rute 1864” (English, German and Danish) in Appstore or googleplay, both developed by History Centre Dybbøl Banke. Get acsess to the soldiers letters and their personal experience in the war.

Try Geocaching!
Go on a hunt for the approx. 2200 catches found in the Sønderborg-area. Geocaches are fysical containers you have to find using an App. If you are a new user you have to begin by downloading the App and registrer for free and you are ready to go treasure hunting - remember a small item to swop. Geocaching may lead you through cities or forests and many of the geocaches are acsessable by foot, bicycle or car. 

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