Rider in gallop through a gallow in Sønderborg


Tilting-at-the-ring festivals is a permanent tradition in South Jutland and each city have their own festival during the summer. Over the course of a weekend the riders compete against each other and celebrate together in the party tent at night.

The history

Tilting-at-the-ring stems from the Middle Ages, where riders competed against each other on horseback in an effort to entertain the European nobility. When the tournament arrived in Denmark, it was interpreted more as a folk festival and over time the opponent was exchanged with a ring, since the tournament often demanded the lives and mobility of the contestants. King Christian the III and his son Frederik the II introduced tilting-at-the-ring to Denmark in the 1500s and changed the battle of the knights to a riders tournament.

If you are interested in knowing more, you can visit the only tilting-of-the-ring museum in Denmark at the yellow half-timbered house in Kirkegade at gain more insight into the history of the tilting-of-the-ring festival. The house is also the second oldest house in Sønderborg. Read more about the museum here.

Present day tilting-at-the-ring

Nowadays the riders compete for the title of King. To achieve the title you have to be able to master the art of riding gallop through a gallows and at the same time spear the ring with your lance. To begin with, the ring has a diameter of 22 mm, sitting in a bracket from two strings. If you succeed in collecting all 24 rings, you are through in the tournament. Now the competition becomes more difficult, since the hole within the ring decreases, until it is only 6 mm wide. The one who survives the most rounds is proclaimed king, although a crown prince and prince is also found.

The biggest tilting-at-the-ring festival in Scandinavia takes place in Sønderborg, where ca. 500 riders participate in an impressive parade both before and after the tournament on the tilting-at-the-ring square. Make sure not to miss the parade, where you can admire beautiful horses and listen to the music of both local and foreign bands. During the festival both children and adults are entertained. For example there is bike tilting-at-the-ring for kids, the traditional 'coffee table' for seniors and the famous tilting-at-the-ring lunches with up to 1100 participants. The festival square has carousels, stalls with the famous tilting-at-the-ring sausages and beer tents.

Historical Tilting

On Tuesdays during high season, you can experience a bit of the tournament from the Middle Ages on the historical tilting-at-the-ring track at Sønderborg Castle. Here the riders compete while wearing real Middle Ages costumes.

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Tilting Festivals in 2018

Most of the parades start Sundays at 11.30 followed by tilting-at-the-ring tournaments.

25-27 Nordborg 
3 Svenstrup on Northern Als
10 Søby near Nordborg
16-17 Augustenborg
? Ulkebøl & Hørup in Høruphav
29-30 Broager - large parade with bicycles and costumes
1 Broager
1 Kegnæs at Gåsvig
6-9 The biggest festival in Scandinavia is held in Sønderborg
13-15 Gråsten
20-22 Guderup 
21 Kværs
27-29 Skovby
11-12 Tandslet
25 Lysabild