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Sønderborg - The main city of the region

Sønderborg is the main town in the region with around 27,000 inhabitants. The town developed around Søndre Castle, which name was later changed to Sønderborg Castle.

The town has a charming harbour front with cafés and restaurants and an intimate centre with loads of exciting shops. You can see many main attractions, banks etc. on the Google-map to the right. A PDF with a map of Sønderborg City is found on this link. 

Sønderborg Castle and the impressive Alsion with its university, research park, concert hall and café are beautiful landmarks and underline the town’s historical significance. They also bear witness to Sønderborg’s rapid development and great ambitions.

Sønderborg offers world-class cultural and musical adventures all year round – indoors and outdoors. Enjoy a symphonic concert in Alsion or a rock concert in Mølleparken. In Sønderborg's activity house, Sønderborghus, there are often larger activities or courses. The tourist office has a list of cultural events.

Tilting-at-the-ring is a cultural tradition in southern Jutland. On specific dates during the high-season you can experience this historical phenomenon at the castle.

Guided tours in Sønderborg city are offered for tourists are on during the high season and during the event of tilting-at-the-ring, where you can participate in a special, combined town and tilting-at-the-ring tour. Are you arriving with a group you are welcome to contact Sønderborg Tourist Office to hear about the possibility of a special and private tour on for example Sønderborg Castle.

Experience Sønderborg on your own by the help of the leaflet about the ‘heart path,’ which is available from the tourist office. The 5 km long path in the heart of Sønderborg leads you through parks and neighbourhoods from different periods and past sculptures in many styles.

If you like shopping, there are ample opportunities in the many shops in town. Enjoy a walk in the pleasant pedestrian street, where there is often live music and other events. You can also visit the new shopping centre ’Borgen’, with over 50 shops, lying in extension of the pedestrian street. On the edge of the city you will find Center East, offering miscellaneous shops and stores.

Or you can enjoy lunch or dinner on one of the many restaurants in Sønderborg.

Dybbøl Mill at Dybbøl was during the war in 1864 a symbol of Danish bravery. Read more about the battle at Dybbøl and the year of 1864.

In Ulkebøl Church you can see a Danish flag, which waved for the 'Danishness', when the Prussians conquered the island of Als in 1864. The minister refused to obey the order of removing the flag, so the soldiers shot and stamped on it. The harassment was finally too much for the minister to bear, who moved to Zealand with the flag. After the Reunification in 1920 the flag was brought back to the church, where it can still be seen.

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