Nordborg Castle


The northern part of Als has clear traces of glaciers from the Ice Age, that shaped the landscape into beautiful hills, valleys, coves and lakes.

Oldenor, Bundsø and Mjels Sø have been dried out and cultivated, but some time in the modern age it was filled with water again. The lakes in the northern part of Als have all been connected with the fjord as bays or coves but have now become freshwater lakes with a rich bird life. A PDF with a city map of Nordborg is found on this link.

Nordborg Castle lies in a beautiful area at Nordborg Lake. Every second Saturday in August Historical Day is being held at Nordborg Castle, where you can experience workshops, sword fighting and plenty of fun.

Tontoft Church in Nordborg was built in the 1200s. Behind the altar there is a door leading to the Ducal Family’s sepulchral chapel, which was finished in the year 1700. You can see the coffins through a lattice gate. Join us on guided tour through the city, where we visit the church and other sights.

The history of the ferry route between Hardeshøj and Ballebro goes all the way back to 1683. Even today the ferry ’Bitten’ connects northern Als with the mainland, and, if you are coming from the north, taking the ferry is still the quickest way to reach northern Als.

The Hjortspring boat is Scandinavia’s oldest find of sacrificed weapons. This plank-built boat was found in a bog just north of Guderup and can be dated back to around 350 BC. A copy of the boat was built at the Lindeværftet shipyard, where you can see the boat, an exhibition about the building of the boat, and enjoy some Iron Age clothes, objects and workshops.

Jollmand's Farm is an old farm in the style from the island Als. It has the shape of a fish hook and still looks like it did when it was built. It is one of the few remaining ‘fish hook’ farms in Denmark, which makes it a unique relic of cultural history.

The Experience Park Universe is the area’s main attraction. Here you have to use both your body and your mind when you explore the exciting activities and natural phenomena.

The church stables at Egen Church are some of Denmark’s most beautiful and well preserved stables. There are 34 stables, each with room for 2 horses. The stables are between 150 and 200 years old. Northern Europe’s highest sundial is located south of Egen Church on the opposite side of the main road. It is 12 metres high and placed on a 28 diameter construction. It indicates time with the incredible precision of +/- one minute, compared to the usual 30 minutes.

The forest Nørreskoven on the east coast is exceptionally rich in relics of ancient culture. More than 80 ancient monuments are registered in the seven km2 large forest. Many of them are round and long barrows from the Neolithic Age - also known as the New Stone Age.

Østerholm Castle Ruin lies in a garden on Strelbjergvej in the small village Østerholm at the Nørre forest. The small palace was used as a widow’s dwelling in connection with Nordborg Castle.Today only the foundation stones remain.

Local brochures concerning Nordborg and the area can be collected at the local tourist office at Nordborg Guld & Sølv, Storegade 15 A, 6430 Nordborg and at Hotel Nørherredhus, Mads Clausens Vej 101, 6430 Nordborg.

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