The Sønderborg-area welcomes dogs

On holiday with your dog

The dog is often considered a member of the family and it is important for us, that the whole family experiences a good holiday without any problems.

When you travel to Denmark on holiday with your dog, there are naturally some rules to follow concerning vaccination and the Danish Dog Act. On this page we will try to guide you through the rules regarding dogs coming from EU countries or EU-like conditions (Andorra, The Faroe Islands, Iceland, Croatia, Liechtenstein, Monaco, Norway, San Marino, Switzerland and the Vatican State).

Before travelling
If you live in a EU country, your dog must have an ID-mark, either in the shape of a ear tattoo or a chip. Furthermore, dogs over the age of 3 months must be vaccinated 3 weeks before travelling. Is your dog under 3 months old and not vaccinated for rabies, you will need a breeder permit and a special entry permission, which must be submitted to the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration 30 days before travelling. All dogs must be accompanied by a EU Pet Passport, which you can get at the vet. It would also be a good idea to equip your dog with a dog tag with your name, country code and mobile number.

Dogs on the beach
At Blue Flag beaches you are allowed to swim with your dog from a distance of 200 m in both directions from the pole with the Blue Flag. During the summer time (from April to September) your dog must be kept on a leash at the beach in regards to breeding birds and other guests. The rest of the year (from October to March) your dog can enjoy the freedom of the beach, provided that you have full control over it, meaning you can call upon your dog at any time.

With your dog in the nature
Except for the special dog forests, which you can see on the map, your dog must always be kept on a leash in the forests and nature areas, since a dog might be a stressful factor for the wild animals of the forest or of a nuisance to other guests. If your dog is not mentioned on the prohibtion lists, you and your dog might benefit from a so-called Flex-line, allowing your dog to run more freely.

Dogs in the dog forests
In Sønderborg municipality we have 7 dog forests and 1 dog park. At Gråsten you and your dog can visit "Overstjernen", "Nederstjernen" or "Vand- and Saltholm". Near the city of Sønderborg a part of the forest "Sønderskoven" is appointed dog forest as well as "Madeskoven" at Augustenborg Fjord. The last two is "Lambjerg Indtægt" at Høruphav and "Karholm Skov" at Nordborg. The dog forests er not fenced and here your dog can run freely, provided you still have complete control over it.

The dog park Kær Hundepark was opened 24 February 2019. Here your dog can run free and play in the fenced park. Your dog must be compatible with other dogs and react on your call at any time. On the Danish Facebook group Hundetræf Kær Vestermark you can ask if someone want to join in on some playtime.

The Dog Act in Denmark
Since July 1st 2010, 13 different dog breeds and mixed dogs, where these breeds are included, are on the prohibition list. They can only enter Denmark if they apply by certain rules found under Read more.

If a dog, no matter the breed, savages a human or another dog the police are obliged to put it down. To savage means to injure or violently abuse by biting, but in the legislation there are not a clear definition of 'savaging', which therefore falls to the judgement of the police. The dog owner are entitled to have his case assessed by a dog expert.

Runaway dogs
If you loose your dog during your holiday, please contact the police (phone no. 114) with a description. Your dog is already ear marked or wearing a chip, so the police will be able to locate you. A dog tag will make it easier for the police or someone else to contact you directly.

Dogs, where the owner is not identified, will be advertised in local papers and on the website of the police. After 3 days the police are entitled to locate a new home for the dog or put it down. The same applies if the owner has not collected the dog within 3 days after they have received notice that the dog has been found.

Dear dog owner
As you might have noticed with these specific rules, a part of them especially apply to dog breeds, which have been noticed in a negative way. But as a responsible dog owner, you might be attentive to your dog while travelling in unfamiliar surroundings. If so, your stay should be problem free.

At the tourist office you can get brochures with detailed maps over the forests in the area. Here your dog has to be on a leash, but the many paths and beautiful surroundings offer you the chance to walk long distances with your dog.

Sønderborg Tourist Office wish you and your dog a pleasant stay in our scenic nature!

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