Hits for Kids – large as small

When you bring your children with you on holiday, it is important to have something to do - especially when it rains. Fortunately, there are plenty of children activities for large as small in the Sønderborg area.

I´m booored! Plan your holiday in advance and get inspired to common experiences with your children. Whether you are into nature, historical experiences and cultural impressions or simply having fun. 

The 3 star-attractions
Visit the three largest attractions in the Sønderborg area. The first two attractions can be visited when the sun is shining and when the weather is a bit grey and both have many exciting activities, while the castle is ideal for curious children on rainy days.

Save time and money – book your combi-tickets here.

The cultural heavyweights in full gallop
Go to a national festival and meet the locals. During summer, you can experience the special form of tournament Tilting-at-the-Ring in the weekends. A very special culture on horseback in Southern Jutland, which originates from Augustenborg. The heavyweights are the cities Broager and Gråsten, where the tournaments in full gallop a held on more than one day, and one of the world´s  largest Tilting-at-the Ring Festivals – Sønderborg.

If you haven´t got time on a Sunday there is also the possibility of watching the show "Historical Tilting-at-the-Ring" at Sønderborg Castle. Learn more about the tournaments and the Historical Tilting-at-the-ring.

Is it far out in the woods
When the sun is shining and the weather is good, it is time to go out and explore nature. Enjoy the forests at Gråsten and Sønderborg or experience one of the widest coastal forests Denmark’s – Nørreskoven Als.

All our forests are rich on animal life and relics. Especially Nørreskoven Als has many burial mounds and barrows, as well as a fine stock of fallow deer and the king of the forest – red deer.
Read more about our forests.

There is also the tiny forest Blomeskobbel, who hides the North´s largest selection of burial mounds. See where to find Blomeskobbel and the 20-ton cower stone.

Once upon a time… The pirate Alf allegedly lived in the forest at Gråsten in the 12th century. It is said, that Alf buried a treasure in the forest and it is never been found!
Bring your entire family on a treasure hunt and hear the legend about the pirate Alf.

Is the legs to short or tired? If the walk through the woods is too far for you, then enjoy a cosy horse-drawn wagon ride through the forest Gråstenskovene.

It is wonderful at the water and safe
Yes, a tour in the water can be connected with danger, our coasts however is situated at the Baltic Sea, inlet and belt and therefore free of the dangerous rip currents known at the Northern Sea.

As the good parent you are, you have an eye on the children at all times and prevent the use of floating beach toys at offshore winds. For more knowledge read the flyer on respektforvand.dk 

You can find good beaches at Vemmingbund, Købingsmark and Kerneland among others and the well-known Blue Flag ways at most of them. Find your holiday beach here.

The Blue Flag is more than a sign for clean waters. During summer, they have a programme full of funny and interesting nature experiences for the entire family.
The programme, in Danish, will be accessible here mid-June.

Access animals in the holiday
Meet the Coatis, goats, rabbits and birds in Vollerup, where you also can let the children use the playground against a small fee. Read more about Vollerup Minigolf and Playground.

If you fancy a tour through nature on horseback, you can find opportunities on South-Als and at Gråsten.

There is also these fun activities


Activities indoors

The sun always shines in the Sønderborg-area and when the rain clouds cowers the sun, it is nice with some indoor activities.

If you are the creative type, then visit Papirmuseets By or join in on the activities at Stolbroladen. You can also make your own candles at Lys i Laden.

Going to the movies never fails. Lean back in a luxurious seat at Kinorama in Sønderborg or visit the tiny and cosy cinema Nordborg Bio. Many movies are in English with Danish subtitles, the cartoons however tend to be synchronised in Danish.

If you have teenagers with you on holiday the Escape House in Sønderborg is a must. Here you get 60 minutes to escape the locked room by solving riddles and finding clues.

You can also choose

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