The Gråsten apple - national apple of Denmark

Gråsten - Hometown of the Danish apple

The town Gråsten lies beautifully at Nybøl Nor, surrounded by impressive woodlands.

Gråsten Castle and Castle Garden are the main attractions - find them and more on the Google map to the right. A PDF with the map of Gråsten City is found on this link.

The royal family uses Gråsten Castle as a summer residence every year.
There is always a parade and a changing of the guard when the royal family is visiting the palace. Each day at 11.30, accompanied by flutes and drums, the regiment departs from the Yellow Mansion and marches through Gråsten to the palace, where the changing of the guard is at 12 o’clock. During the stay of HRH Queen Margrethe II, you can enjoy a small concert in the palace yard on fridays after the changing of the guard.

Denmark’s national apple, the ‘Gråsten Apple,’ was brought to Gråsten by Duke Frederik Ahlefeldt the Younger (1662-1708), who bought the tree on a trip to the south. The tree was nursed in the palace garden’s nursery and named the ‘Gråsten Apple'. Scions were taken from the mother plant and sold, and soon the tree was cultivated in many places.
Today it is still cultivated by Hestehavegård Fruit Plantation and Østergård Fruits and Berries.
The original tree was pushed over in the storm in 1999, but 80 years old trees from scions in the garden still exist.

Did you know that the idea for the Apple logo came from our national apple? You can read the story in the brochure “The Gravensteiner – From King Christian the 5th and Count Carl Ahlefeldt to Steve Jobs”

During the stay of the royal family the area and the garden is closed to the public, but the rest of the year you can visit and enjoy the garden on your own or paticipate on a guided tour in the castle garden and the castle church

Gråsten is an active city with approx. 4,200 citicense and a variety of stores and shops in the city center and the Ulsnæs Center.

Oldtimer rally, Harley Davidson rally and Market days are just some of the returning events Gråsten has to offer during the year. Collect the monthly event calendar at the tourist office to view the dates of larger events or view them here.

Gråsten Forests offer many lovely nature experiences, whether you are by foot, by bike or by horseback. You will find many deep melt water valleys from the Ice Age and differences in level of up to 45 m. A map over the forests can be obtained at the tourist office.

Legend has it that the pirate Alf, who lived in Gråsten Forests, was at work throughout the region – especially around Flensburg Fjord. Take your children on a pirate Alf tour past Alf’s Spring to Alf’s Cave and get to know the legend..

Rinkenæs Old Church ranks among the oldest churches in Denmark. It was built in Roman style in 1158 and was originally surrounded by a small village that disappeared around the year 1300. Today the church lies on its own around four kilometres from Rinkenæs.

Kværs Heath is an old drifting dune that was stopped by the help of plants. The area consists primarily of conifers and heather and has a particularly interesting plant and animal life. Access is via a gravel road from the parking space off Avntoftvej between Kværs and Søgaard.

Local brochures for the Gråsten area can be collected at our tourist information office at

Det Gamle Rådhus, Torvet 8, 6300 Gråsten.

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