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In the Sønderborg area there are rich possibilities to satisfy every kind of hunger, taste the delicatessens of the region and please your tasting sense.

South Jutland is especially known for the South Jutland coffee table, the delicious sausages and the tasty rye bread.

On this page you can find inspiration to try the South Jutland cuisine. You can also book tasting experiences here.

Are you going out to eat, you can here find an overview over the many restaurants in the area. We also have cafés of course - see them here.


The South Jutland coffee table

Delicious cakes of every kind on a giant table, where everyone can dig in - YUM!

The tradition stems from the German occupation time, where the Danes gathered in meeting halls. But when the Germans refused them a liquor license, the formerly used coffee punch was replaced with coffee and cakes. People often brought the cakes themselves - that is why the South Jutland coffee table have a variety of cakes. Certain cakes are specific for the area such as Good Advice (a kind of flat waffle with a beautiful pattern), brødtorte (rye bread layer cake = pure heaven!) and different types of cookies.

Many venues in Southern Jutland offer the South Jutland coffee table, in the area of Sønderborg we have Den Gamle Kro in Gråsten who dishes up with non-less than 29 sorts of cake on the second Sunday in each month as well as Mondays in July – make a reservation on their homepage. At the café Det Sønderjyske Køkken in Sønderborg you can enjoy a plate with a small selection of the cakes all year round.

The specialties of South Jutland

As previously mentioned South Jutland is known for its tasty foods and local dishes, especially meats. Have a look in a supermarket while on holiday, where you'll find bread, sausages, juice and much more originating from South Jutland. Don't miss out on the famous ringriderpøl (tilting-at-the-ring sausage), which is served during festivals.

Taste the local specialities

On your tour in our area, you can find farm shops or self-service booths at the roadside, where you can buy fresh eggs, fruit and vegetables directly from the field or high quality meat – follow the link to an review of the shops.

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