Sign from the Gendarme Path

In the Footsteps of the Gendarme

Welcome to Denmark's first European Quality Walking Path: The Gendarme Path

The Gendarme Path is 74 km long (certified part) plus 10 km in addition. The path and offers a unique walking opportunity in one of the most beautiful parts of Denmark.

South Jutland's location as a border region, makes it special - especially in a historical light. After the reunion in 1920 the border and the shipping routes were controlled by the border gendarme. Patrolling was done by foot along the coast, and each gendarme had a particular area under his jurisdiction. The path has be recreated and begins in Høruphav on South Als and goes through Sønder forest and Sønderborg onward to the mainland, passing Dybbøl, Vemmingbund, Broagerland, Gråsten, Rinkenæs and Kollund to the German border. You will be following the coast most of the way and will be walking through a very diverse landscape with forests, bogs and meadows in the historical landscape.

The signs signaling the path is a blue gendarme. If you have no issue with occasionally pulling your bike, parts of the walking path can also be experienced by bike. Alternatively there is also a bike track.

If you need accommodation along the way, then search our database.

You can also inquire at the tourist office, where you can receive a map over the Gendarme Path or visit the homepage (in Danish and German language only)

In the fall 2016 the path was connected from Høruphav to the Vibæk-Skovby part (approx. 10 km) and hikers do no longer have to follow the main road to Vibæk. The last stretch is NOT yet included in the certificate European Quality Walking Path and therefore not included on the official homepage. The stretch is however using the same signs with the blue gendarme.

Is 84 kilometres to short? Continue on the hiking route Alsstien from Drejet on South Als and extent you tour to approx. 151 kilometres – read more about Alsstien.

The Gendarme Path is just one of the many opportunities for a hiking trip in the area - view other hiking trails here.

Click here to view bookable packages to the Gendarme Path.

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The Gendarme path

Walking and hiking in the city and the countryside

You will find shorter routes of 4-5 kilometres and long routes of 64 and 84 kilometres. Scouts in need of kilometres for the 100-km mark, can combine the Gendarme Path and Alsstien.