The war in 1864

It's been more than 150 years since the dramatic events in 1864 in the Sønderborg area. It did not only have serious consequences for South Jutland, but for Denmark as well. The area has a range of offers contributing to the communication of this dramatic period and its history. So be ready to dive into the history and learn more about the war in 1864.

Every year during the last weekend in June the 'Battle of Als', which was crucial during the war, is reenacted. A parade goes through the city of Sønderborg with authentically dressed soldiers, a soldier's camp on Kær Vestermark


 and the reconstruction of the invasion of Als at Arnkilsøre during the night. The event will truly be worth your while.


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"The last soldier" - 1864 bike ride

of 2 days, following the retreate over Als to Kegnæs

From Danevirke to Dybbøl

If you would like to experience the whole story of the battle, you must begin south of the border at Danevirke. This is where the Danish army was ready to fight the Prussian soldiers when the war broke out on January 31st, 1864.

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History Centre Dybbøl Banke

Visit us and experiance the war in 1864 reel close

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